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Thank you for your interest in the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival. Submisions are currently closed at this time. Please stay tuned for updates. Join us on facebook.

ENTRY DEADLINE: currently closed

Appalachian, Foriegn & International, Independant Features, Documentary, Environmental, Cultural Minoritis, Gender/Womans, GLBT, Childerens, Art/Experimental, Silent, Shorts, Young Filmakers


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poster design by Carrie A. Dyer

poster design by Maja Savic
poster design by Maja Savic

The purpose of SOAPIFF is to publicly recognize, promote, and preserve the work of independent filmmakers and encourage film production and film culture in Southern Appalachia. The Filmmaker can film in a kaleidoscope of site locations that provide a unique setting in Southern Appalachia. Films you might know that were shot in Southern Appalachia: “Dirty Dancing,” “Goodbye, Miss 4th of July,” “The River,” “What about Bob” among others. 

SOAPIFF has revived an annual film festival in greater East Tennessee, the birthplace of the oldest continuous independent film festival in the American South (the Sinking Creek Film Celebration*). Therefore one of our most prestigious awards is dedicated to Sinking Creek founder Mary Jane Coleman. 

* Note: the Sinking Creek Film Celebration is now the Nashville Film Festival


SOAPIFF is now in its seventh year of bringing some of the best independent films in the world to the region. SOAPIFF’s roots are firmly in the South, but its branches reach far and wide. SOAPIFF was inspired by the Sinking Creek Film Festival, originally founded by the late Mary Jane Coleman in Greeneville, Tennessee. In 2005 Mark Compton started the SOAPIFF in nearby Johnson City as his graduate thesis project in tourism and development. It has since grown into one of the most diverse film festivals in the country, showcasing films from all over the world, many of which have gone on to greater acclaim after receiving their premier screening with the festival. The festival will present its Seventh Annual screening of films this year at The Knoxville Museum of Art and on each campus of Pellissippi State Community College from November 12th to November 18th.

In its very first year, SOAPIFF premiered the independent horror film Five Across the Eyes, filmed in the Tri-Cities area, which went on to gain a European distribution deal after winning the festival’s Best of Fest award. Films like Basement Jack, Good Dick, and Virtual JFK have also gone on to further acclaim after screenings at the festival. Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel, by executive producer and writer Pamela Roberts, was broadcast nationally on PBS in 2012. In its seven years, SOAPIFF has hosted world premieres for films from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. 

The Southern Appalachian International Film Festival is also proud to present the annual Mary Jane Coleman Award. Given in honor of the founder of the Sinking Creek Film Celebration, the award is given to individuals and artists who promote and encourage film production in the American South. Previous winners of the Mary Jane Coleman Award include Linn Sitler, one of the longest-serving film commissioners in the world at the Memphis and Shelby County Film and Television Commission; Ted Hatfield, Director of Film Marketing at Regal Entertainment Group; and Appalshop, the media collective dedicated to documenting and preserving Appalachian culture and tradition. 
Metro Pulse

There’s your typical newspaper…and then there’s Metro Pulse. As a nationally award-winning alternative newsweekly, Metro Pulse has made its mark on Knoxville media by offering its own unique take on local news, politics, entertainment, and culture. Metro Pulse provides a view of Knoxville that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The Tennessee Consortium of International Studies represents nineteen colleges and universities devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education throughout the state of Tennessee. Incises sent almost 200 students from Knoxville to study abroad last year. 

The Knoxville Museum of Art
The Knoxville Museum of Art (KMA) celebrates the art and artists of East Tennessee, presents new art and new ideas, educates and serves a diverse community, and enhances Knoxville’s quality of life. SOAPIFF venue.

Pellissippi State College

Pellissippi State Community College serves its community by providing college-level and non-credit courses and learning support instruction using a variety of delivery methods, including distance learning. The College provides support for teaching and learning, training and workforce development, and opportunities for life, civic and cultural enrichment. SOAIFF venue .

Exclusive Media     
Exclusive Media is a vertically integrated global filmed entertainment company, founded in May 2008 with the backing of the strategic investment group Cyrte Investments. Exclusive Media develops, finances, produces, markets and distributes prestige and talent driven commercial and documentary feature films on a global basis.


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c/o Carrie A. Dyer
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Carrie A. Dyer

Art Director

  Mark Compton
Chair, Board of Directors
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Mark Compton Founder,  Chair,   Board of Directors
Carrie Guy Executive Director,  Advisory Board
Carrie A. Dyer Art Director,  Advisory Board
Jaz Dorsey Director of Education
M. Wayne Dyer Advisory Board
William K. Stephanos Advisory Board
Eli Berry Advisory Board
LaShana D. Leigh Advisory Board



Special Thanks
    Fletcher H. Dyer former staff member who died in a tragic motercycle accident November 5th of 2009.



2012 SOAPIFF Award Nominees



BEST DOCUMENTARY: Roadmap to Apartheid


BEST EDITING: Human Factor


BEST WRITING: Roadmap to Apartheid

BEST ACTING: Blood Country


BEST SOUND:  Andrew Bird : Fever Year

  2011 SOAPIFF 2011 Winners:

Best Environmental Feature: YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip) 2:54

Best Musical Feature: Beatboxing: The Fifth Element of Hip Hop 2:10

Best Cultural Minority Feature: Certain Proof: A Question of Worth 2:37

Best Short Comedy: The D-Monster 0:54 (F bomb dropped in trailer)

Best Short Drama and Best Short International: Fatakra (Firecracker) 0:59

Best GLBT Feature: Friends and Lovers 1:01

Appalachian Appreciation Film: Hollywood to Dollywood 2:11

Best Gender Issue Feature: Paradise Recovered 2:40

Best Appalachian Film: Possum 1:05 (Sh*t dropped 2x in trailer)

Best Horror Film: Betania (Bethany) 1:34 (no subtitles in trailer)

Best Independent Documentary Feature and Best Documentary Film: Way of the Morris 2:13

Best Independent Narrative Feature, Best Drama, and Best in Festival: A Wake 2:03 (F bomb dropped; Sex in trailer)

Best Foreign Language Feature: El Perro del Hortelano (The Dog in the Manger)


List of 2010 SOAPIFF accepted films:

*10 Mountains 10 Years (doc. feature) 78min

*Afghan (short-Canada) 12min

*Alfred Noyes’ The Highwayman (short) 10min

*All For Liberty (feature) (filmmakers coming) 84min

*All They Knew Were Apples (doc. short) 26min

*Alle Anderen [Everyone Else] (feature-Germany) 119min

*Appalachian Dreams (short) (filmmaker coming) 5min

*Authoring Action (doc. feature) (filmmaker coming) 94min

*Beautifully Departed (short) (filmmaker coming?) 22min

*Beggars (student short-China) 6min

*Being the Diablo (doc. feature) 61min

*Best Laid Schemes (feature) (filmmaker coming) 99min

*Between Kings and Queens (feature) 109min

*Bewildered (short) 17min

*Bicycle Bride (feature)(filmmaker coming) (premiere for film) 107min

*Blue Ridge (feature) 97min

*Bobok (student short-France) 45min

*Bodmer’s Reise [Bodmer's Journey] (doc. feature-Switzerland) 93min

*Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards (feature) 81min

*Broken String (short-China) 6min

*Bubble Wrap (student short) 3min

*Burning Rubber (doc. feature-Canada) 52min

*Changing Hands (short) 40min

*Cleanflix (doc. feature) 88min 

*Coming to Terms (student short) 10min

*Crash Brown: Without Restraint (doc. feature) 58min

*DawnBloom (student short) (filmmaker coming) 16min

*Deep Sleep (short-England) 15min

*Defying Gravity (feature) (filmmaker coming) 90min

*Der Greis [The Old Man] (short) 5min

*Desperate, The (short) 33min

*Dessicator (short-Denmark) 12min

*Devil’s Racecourse (feature) 78min

*Displaced: The Unexpected Fallout from the Cold War (doc. feature) 84min

*Dive! (doc. short) 39min

*Dogson (student short-China) 30min

*Driver and The Lama, The (student short-China) 27min

*Dust Never Settles, The (art feature-UK/Australia) 60min

*Electricity Fairy, The (doc. feature) 52min

*Empire of Silver (feature-China) 113min

*End of the Line, The (doc. feature) 85min

*Fading Away [Zwischen Licht und Schatten] (short-Germany) 14min

*Fire in the Mountains (doc. short) 22min

*Foreclosed (short) (filmmaker coming?) 16min

*Fragment of Being, A (doc. feature-Poland/U.K.) 65min

*From the Second Chair (short) 6min

*From Wood to Singing Guitar (doc. short) 32min

*Frost Flowers (doc. short) (filmmaker coming) 27min

*Games They Play, The (doc. feature-Israel) 60min

*Gathering Akin (student short, doc.) 14min

*Generational Curses (feature) 121min

*Gift (student short) 2min

*Go Down to Jordan (short) 20min

*God’s Country, Off Route 9 (feature) 103min

*Goldfish (short-China) 15min

*Grandaddy Mountain (short) 5min

*Guo (feature-China) 90min

*Helmut’s House (doc. short-UK/Australia) 7min

*Homegrown Revolution (doc. short) (filmmaker coming) 16min

*Honeymoon, The (feature-Canada) 79min

*I Have It (short) 21min

*Innocent Crimes (feature-UK) (filmmaker coming) 97min

*Invisible Killer (feature-China) 90min

*Keeping the May River Wild (doc. short) (filmmaker coming) 25min

*Ken (student short) 9min

*Ken Feinberg Collection, The (shorts) 16min

*Killer at Large (doc. feature) 105min

*Kitchen Hamlet (feature)(filmmaker coming) 77min

*Krolevsky Case, The (feature-Italy) (filmmaker coming) (premiere for film) 92min

*Lady Trojans (doc. feature) 58min

*Letters from Home (short) 9min

*Life Ascending, A (doc. feature) (filmmaker coming?) 60min

*Love Does Grow on Trees (short-UK) 10min

*Magic in the Forest (short) 30min

*Malayaka House (doc. feature) (filmmakers coming) 71min

*Mashed (student short) 9min

*Mayfield (student short, doc.) 12min

*Megabot: The Ultimate Z Bot Warrior (student short) 21min

*M.I.A. M.D. (doc. feature) 58min

*Mike Seeger: To the Universe (doc. feature) 82min

*Miracle, The (short) 29min

*Moonshine Inc. (feature) 97min

*More than the Mountains: Kurdistan of Iraq (doc. feature) 70min

*Mountain Music Project, The : A Musical Odyssey from Appalachia to Himalaya (doc. feature) 57min

*Moving Midway (doc. feature) (filmmaker coming) 95min

*My Man Done Me Wrong (short-not eligible) 34min

*My Year Without Sex (feature-Australia) 96min

*Night Drive (short) 11min

*No Pity (student short-filmmaker is 14yrs old) 19min

*Offside(s): Soccer in Small-Town America (doc. feature) 58min

*Once Upon a Time in Knoxville (doc. feature-U.K./U.S.A.) (filmmaker coming?) 90min

*Only Good Indian, The (feature) 114min

*Only One Boss (doc. short) 10min

*Ottoman Empire, The (short-Ireland) 15min

*Ownership (feature-China) 90min

*Paper Turtle (student short) 11min

*Perry County (doc. short) 27 min

*Phantom of the Town (feature-Japan) 70min

*Poto Mitan [Haitian Women: Pillars of the Global Economy] (doc. feature) 50min

*Pray for Eric (doc. short) 26min

*Predictable But Fun (doc. short-Israel/Palestine) 17min

*Purge, The (short-China) 5min

*Red Dust (doc. short) 20min

*Red Princess Blues (short) 11min

*Requiem for Kosova (short-Kosovo) 20min

*Rethink Afghanistan (doc. feature) 62min

*Rip Dreams (short) 24min

*Rivers Wash Over Me (feature) 87min

*Rock and a Hard Place, A (short) 12min

*Ruin (feature) 104min

*Sadaa-E Zan [Voices of Women] (doc. feature-not eligible) 68min

*Sand Mountain (doc. short-Australia) 34min

*Sasha (feature-Germany) 102min

*Scientists Under Attack: Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money (doc. feature-Germany) 88min            

*Scourge of the Vagabond Spectre, The (student short) 25min

*Searching for an Appalachian Accent (student short, doc) 17min

*Seven Student Shorts (student shorts-China) 60min

*Sibylline Fracture (short) 5min

*Sleepless Night in the Middle of Nowhere (student short) (filmmaker coming?) 30min

*So Falls the Shadow (short) (filmmaker coming) 4min

*Something Special (short-U.S./New Zealand) 3min

*Stepping into the Stream (doc. short) 43min

*Stewart Summer (short) 15min

*Superstonic Sound (doc. short-UK/Brazil) 48min

*Sweetgrass (doc. feature) 101min

*Table at Luigi’s (feature) 89min

*Taking Root (doc. feature) 80min

*Tales From the Land of Gullah (feature-not eligible) 60min

*Taste of Relation, The (feature-Canada) 87min

*Telefone (student short) 5min

*Toe to Toe (feature) 104min

*Trailer Park (feature) 107min

*True Nature (feature) 92min

*Two Men, Two Cow, Two Guns (short-Canada) 7min

*Underage (student short-China) 45min

*Untitled (student short-China) 8min

*Very Worst Thing, The (doc. feature) (filmmakers coming) 84min

*Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau (feature) 59min

*Way, The (feature) 107min

*What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? (doc. feature) 60min

*Which Way to the War? (doc. feature) 100min

*World of Wargames (short) 17min

*Zero (student short-China) 4min

*Zone Frontaliere (doc. short-France) 48min

  The Southern Appalachian International Film Festival is a non profit organization. Any donations to support the festival are greatly appreciated. To inquire about sponsorships, contact Mark Compton using the information below.
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  Mark Compton
Chair, Board of Directors
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